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General Conact

You can send us an email as well – You don’t have to use this form, although its awfully easy to do so. Emails can be directed at
info [at] – Use the form below, or at least look at the requirements before cramming an article you wrote into this form.


Are you an artist, a film maker, or – really doing anything worth talking about? Maybe you invented a chemical to make rats glow so the new york subways won’t be so dark…

Whatever the case, we’d like to exploit – I mean, write about you. The submission process is pretty simple.

Give your project a title (it can be the subject of the email).

Gather up a few photos of your endeavor, 2 – 3 and preferably less than a Mb a piece. They need to be at least 800 pixels wide, and we prefer wide ones more than tall ones.

Write up a brief description of whats going on, and why it’s news-ish worthy.

Website or contact info, so our readers can contact you, or find you if they are interested – or just want to send you hatemail.

Then email it to:

submissions [at]

We’ll read your email, and maybe we’ll be able to write about it. We get a lot of submissions, and can’t write about everything, but we’ll try for sure.