The Best Things to Make From Weed: Let’s Cook Up Some Cannabutter

by Angelica Leicht Posted: 09-11-15 | 2 years ago
cooking cannabutter recipe

The best things in life are free come from weed. Things like cannabutter, the mean, green amalgam of butter and cannabis that you can spread on just about anything you want.

And we do mean anything. Butter is good on any and all things, you guys. Especially pot butter.

Want to wake and bake? Oh, well good thing you have this cannabutter, which you can spread on your pancakes or rye toast to take care of that and the munchies that will come with it.

How about getting cupcake stoned, or digging into some good ol’ fashioned pot brownies? But the recipe calls for butter, you say! Oh, well guess it’s a good thing you made this cannabutter just in case.

And since cannabutter is the basic component for so many pot edibles,  if you can’t make cannabutter, well…chances are you can’t make those sticky treats either. So let’s learn.

But a quick aside first. As with anything, you will get out of cannabutter what you put into it. So start with some high-quality weed, or maybe just that uber-potent bag of Girl Scout Cookies you bought way too much of. (That’s what we did. Someone should have given us a warning about that stuff.)

Now, grab your fancy green chef hats, cause it’s time for your cannabis cooking lesson.

This stuff. Use this stuff.
This stuff. Use this stuff.

What you’ll need

  • An ounce of high-quality marijuana
  • 4 sticks of salted butter. Please use real butter, and not that margarine junk.
  • Saucepan
  • Cheesecloth or strainer
  • Glass jar or container

Time needed

Three hours or so

How you’ll cook this stuff

So, cooking cannabutter is actually super easy. I’m going to break it down in steps anyway, though, because that seems logical for a recipe.

  1. Melt all four sticks of butter in a saucepan over low heat.
  2. Is your butter melted? Good. Add your weed. All of it. It’ll be okay. You’ll be seeing it soon.
  3. Let your butter-weed concoction simmer for about three hours, but make sure to stir it occasionally.
  4. Did your weed butter thicken and turn green? Good. It’s time to strain.
  5. Cover your glass container with the cheesecloth and pour your butter into the jar through the cloth, allowing it to strain out the thick bits of plant matter. Once you’ve strained the butter, squeeze the cheesecloth into the jar to drain the rest of the butter from the weed, and discard the weed. Just do it. Throw away the weed.
  6. And, you’re done. Use that shit immediately on some popcorn  (or whatever else you can think of that needs butter — like everything), or refrigerate it until it’s solid and parse it out slowly. Whatever tickles your fancy.
  7. If you’ve strained your butter properly, you should be able to keep it around for a while. Or you can freeze it, but let’s be honest here. There’s no point to freezing it. You’ll use it because everything needs weed butter.

It’s that easy. Seriously. Teaching you to roll a joint would be way harder.

There are a bunch of variations on cannabutter, by the way. You can follow the same method using coconut oil — which, may we recommend, because coconut oil is manna from heaven — or some people add water to the recipe, but we’re not that brave, or that interested in water, really.

You can cut down or increase the amount of cannabis you’re using, depending on what you’re doing with the butter and your preference. Whatever you do, though, make sure you don’t eat ALL the butter in one sitting. Cause, you know…sharing is caring.

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