Texas Hunters Trying to Find Sasquatch Find Millions Worth of Marijuana Plants Instead

by Angelica Leicht Posted: 09-15-15 | 2 years ago
sasquatch hunters texas

Well, we know what we’re hunting for this weekend: the mythical Sasquatch. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find some weed instead.

After all, that very thing just happened to some Texas Bigfoot hunters, who were out searching along the Sulfur River for that old Sasquatch in Delta County, Texas over the weekend. What they found was not Sasquatch, but the police, who were searching the folks who’d been running a $6.5 million weed crop in the area instead.

We would have thought a $6.5 million marijuana crop would also be mythical, so maybe there’s some hope for finding Bigfoot after all? Who knows.

The sheriffs were alerted to the grow site by hog hunters who’d happened upon it while, well, hog hunting in the area, which is just northeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The sweet hideout contained a secret weed garden containing 6,550 cannabis plants, and was situated on about an acre of land near the Sulfur River — and the police were determined to find the weed gardeners responsible for it..

But instead of finding the owners of all those sticky icky plants, the police ran into the Bigfoot hunters instead, who were just trying to track down and photograph the giant hairy beast. Only in Texas, you guys.

So it looks like Bigfoot helped the weed harvesters got away on this one — which is probably good, since the penalties for growing that much weed in Texas are fuckin’ stiff. Like, felony charges for over 200 pounds of weed stiff.

But while the growers dodged a hog-hunter bullet, the fantastic weed garden and its massive pot plants, some nearly 10-feet tall, were not spared. They’ll be cut down and destroyed, of course.

So much good weed going to waste. What a shame.

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