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Former Mango’s Location is Becoming a Montrose Bizkit Junkie. Beh.

by Angelica Leicht Posted: 08-18-15 | 2 years ago
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Well, Mango’s mourners — hope you like biscuits with your lack of music, cause those flaky little dough balls are a comin’ for you.

This is not what Humpty meant when he said "Just grab her in the biscuits."
This is not what Humpty meant when he said “Just grab her in the biscuits.”

The biscuit-obsessed restaurant Bizkit Junkie announced on Facebook recently that they’ll be taking over the building where the ol’ Montrose music haven Mango’s once resided. The lower Westheimer location will be the second for the biscuit-obsessed breakfast eatery; their other location opened its doors in Garden Oaks in June.

This little bizkit spot (or biscuit, for our picky word-obsessed brains) is the brainchild of the Jus’ Mac chain, and is exactly what one would gather from the name…a biscuit-themed breakfast and lunch restaurant, which serves just about every biscuit concoction imaginable — from chicken tikka masala biscuits to good old fashioned biscuits and gravy.

It’s interesting to see a second location of Bizkit Junkie popping up so quickly — after all, the Garden Oaks location only just cut their hours down from breakfast, lunch and dinner served 7 days a week to a much more limited schedule. They will now be open from 6 am to 2 pm Thursday through Sunday instead.

So, all hail the biscuit — or bizkit, or something — we guess. Not like we have much choice in the matter anyway, so we’ll just feign excitement instead. Maybe it’ll be better than Jus’ Mac. Who knows. But here’s to hoping.

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  1. Suzanna

    Well, maybe the towing won’t be as bad with this Bizkit place. Why, Mangos? Why was parking so limited?!


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