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An Olive Garden Food Truck is in Houston Because Life is Weird

by Angelica Leicht Posted: 07-03-15 | 2 years ago
olive garden food truck

Forget it. Who needs Bernie’s Burger Bus and their delicious tipsy caramelized onions when you can have breadsticks — mobile breadsticks — for days? (Hint: We do. We always need Bernie’s Burger Bus, and the zillions of other local trucks delivering actually delicious food truck wares, in our lives.)

If you’ve ever found yourself in a quandary because the Tour of Italy is calling, but you live more than a mile or two from a brick and mortar Olive Garden, you’re in luck. That shit is on wheels now. Well, sort of.

Olive Garden’s breadsticks — in the form of breadstick sammiches — now have a bit of mobility, thanks to the restaurant’s new food truck campaign. They won’t come directly to your ass-on-couch post, but they will be heading all over the nation, tossing out breadstick sammies, which they’re documenting under the hashtag #BreadstickNation on Twitter.

We do like that nail polish color, tho.
We do like that nail polish color, tho.

Oh, and if the idea of breadstick sandwiches being sold out of an Olive Garden food truck isn’t enough to blow your mind, you should know those wheels are in Houston right now. Yeah. The city of Houston just got a wee bit more yeasty.

We were a bit skeptical of this idea at first, but the more we digest it, the more it seems like a good idea. What the city of Houston absolutely didn’t have enough of prior to this was carbs, or food trucks, or chain restaurants, so this totally knocks out all three in one swoop.

And it seems, despite our side-eying, that the truck is doing just fine in Htown so far. It was parked outside Minute Maid Park on Wednesday, and despite the rain, fans of the subpar Italian joint flocked to the truck for those sammies. Should you be so inclined to do the same, you can find the truck at BBVA Compass Stadium this Friday night from 6pm – 10 pm and in the Woodlands Saturday afternoon.

Have fun at your Olive Garden food truck party, y’all. We’re going to sit this one out. Unless they’re willing to sell us bags and bags of the actual breadsticks, that is. Those things are definitely worth embarrassing ourselves for.

Angelica Leicht

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  1. Suzanna

    How the hell do you fit sandwich filling in their skinny as breadsticks? And they better still give out Andes mints at the truck. THIS ISN’T A GAME, OLIVE GARDEN.


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