Travis Scott Calls People “Faggots” at Houston Concert, Issues Half-Assed Twitter Apology

by Angelica Leicht Posted: 09-08-15 | 2 years ago
travis scott concert
Photo Credit: hurricanehank / Shutterstock Travis Scott performing at Glavclub in Moscow in December 2014.

So. Let’s talk about Travi$ Scott, shall we?

The Houston-born rapper played a show in Houston over Labor Day weekend, and a couple of days before that show, he just so happened to apologize for calling people “faggots” and a “bunch of queers” the last time he was in town. Interesting timing, right?

The remarks — made mid-performance during his March 2015 House of Blues show — included little gems like this:

“I ain’t cool with none of you faggots who just sitting here looking like a bunch of queers. You wearing a fucking La Flame shirt, mothafucka. You better act like it, bitch. [Or] I’mma rip it off your fucking back.”

Oh, okay.

Travi$ issued the “apology” on Twitter — which basically blames getting super turnt up and uses the phrase “that community” — after the crowd-shot video began to circulate this week. Apparently getting too “excited” forces one to call people “faggots,” if you’re Travi$ Scott.

But don’t worry. He’s working on himself…or something.

So let’s summarize. Travi$ Scott called a group of fans a bunch of “faggots” and “queers” and threatened to rip the Waka shirt right off one of them, and this apparently happened because he was excited, isn’t perfect (because he uses the word faggot…), and he doesn’t want you to think of him as a spazz, you guys.

Don’t worry, Travi$. We don’t think of you as a spazz. We do think of you as slightly, totally homophobic, though. Next time try actually apologizing for what you did instead.

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  1. Geronimo james

    Probably yelled that because houston fans often stand in the crowd lifeless…. He may have been using the Yeezus terminology of the word that is interpreted as less of self or acting weak…. Not necessarily same gender loving individuals…. I think he wants people to be excited for his show…. Not a pack of zombies…


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