New Website Generates Spotify Playlists Based on Upcoming Local Shows

by Michael Scrutchin Posted: 09-10-15 | 2 years ago
Bands of the Week
Photo Credit: Satshabad Khalsa / Bands of the Week

If you’re overwhelmed by all the live music choices out there, a new website makes it just a little easier to get to know all the acts playing in town. At Bands of the Week, you simply enter your city and date range for live shows, then the site will generate a list of upcoming concerts and, if you choose (why wouldn’t you?), create a Spotify playlist with the top songs from the artists coming through town.

Entering Houston and setting the date range for today to next Wednesday (seven days) generates a 62-song, 4-hour and 43-minute playlist that includes a pretty wide range of styles and genres—and a whole lot of local Houston acts. And, shit, I didn’t know The Get Up Kids were coming to Walter’s Downtown next week.

You can also narrow down the playlist by venue if, say, you just want to check out who’s playing Scout Bar or House of Blues.

Bands of the Week should pair nicely with Jukely, that Netflix for live music thing that allows you to see a different live show every night for $25 a month. At the very least, live music fans looking to expand their horizons have more sweet tools at their disposal than ever before.

It’s a good time to be a live-music fan.

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