Help Houston’s The Suffers Release Their Debut Album (Because They’re Awesome)

by Michael Scrutchin Posted: 09-15-15 | 2 years ago
The Suffers
Photo Credit: The Suffers / The Suffers at the Newport Folk Festival in July 2015

From playing more than 150 shows across the U.S. and Canada to bringing the house down on Late Show with David Letterman earlier this spring, Houston’s 10-piece “Gulf Coast Soul” band The Suffers have had a pretty big year.

But they still need our help.

They’re about $10,000 away from meeting their Kickstarter goal to fund the release and promotion of their upcoming debut album. With 31 days to go and $40,545 already pledged by 371 backers, they’re on track to reach their goal, but they’d be grateful for your help too—and you can get some pretty cool perks for chipping in, aside from the warm fuzzies you’ll get for supporting one of Houston’s best bands.

“Be our record label,” singer Kam Franklin says in the Kickstarter video. “Please consider being a part of this campaign. We love you.”

The album’s recording, mixing, and mastering has already been self-funded by the band, but they’re shooting for $50,000 in order to properly push the album out into the world—vinyl/CD production and packaging, marketing, distribution, promotion, advertising, publicity, and all that fun stuff.

“The money that we’ve earned from touring has barely covered expenses this year and is totally not enough to finance a large scale record release,” the band explains on Kickstarter. “For a 10 piece band to tour in a 15 passenger van, it costs us about $700 per day minimum depending on the city. By the end of 2015, we will have traveled over 150 days this year. This doesn’t leave a lot of extra for the actual release of the album.”

Every pledge of $10 or more gets you the album, of course, but you can choose to pledge a little more for additional perks like a sandwich party with the band, private shows that’ll be sure to annoy the heck out of your neighbors, and a 10-song mix tape from the band along with a love note “just like you got in high school.”

Damn, I knew I did high school all wrong.

But anyway. Go pre-buy The Suffers’ debut album and brag to all your friends about how you helped one of H-town’s best bands remain independent, free to do what they want on their own terms while delivering great music and killer live shows. It’s kind of what makes Kickstarter valuable, giving real music fans the power to make things happen instead of crusty old record-label execs.

Just too bad that the dress Kam wore on Letterman has already been claimed.

The Suffers are on the road for the next few months, but they return to Houston to headline the House of Blues on New Year’s Eve.

Contribute to The Suffers’ Kickstarter campaign for their debut album here.

If you need more convincing, just watch their Letterman performance below. Even Dave was impressed.

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