Do This, Not That: Old 97’s, Black Angels and Badassery at Silver Street, Aug. 14 -16

by Angelica Leicht Posted: 08-14-15 | 2 years ago
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Welcome to “Do This, Not That” — a semi-weekly blog where we act like we are totally the boss of you, and therefore instruct you on what you should, and also shouldn’t, do. 

Friday, August 14

Do This: New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band and Boss Street Brass Band at Continental Club, $20

It’ll be like an early (or late!) Mardi Gras at Continental Club, and you’ll be throwing invisible beads at passersby before you know it.

Please don’t do that, though. It’s weird.

Not That: Sam Smith at Toyota Center, $89.50

Is Sam Smith worth $89.50? We don’t know. That’s your call. Music tastes are subjective. But what we DO know is Sam Smith probably isn’t worth $89.50 and another $20 for parking, when you could spend that $20 and save yourself the $89.50 by going to see the New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band at Continental Club. They’re equally as talented, and you won’t have to fight the hordes of screaming fangirls to do it. (Well, at least we don’t think you will, anyway.)

Saturday, August 15

Do This: The Black Angels, Old 97’s, Purple, Grupo Fantasma, and more at Silver Street Studios, FREE DOLLARS

Oh man. The last time we were at a Black Angels show the dude next to us (at Fitz) was so…friendly and not at all higher than a kite that he couldn’t stand up. He leaned over on us drooling instead. Which means this free show at Silver Street is going to be badassery. And that includes the Old 97’s, cause they’ve got a time bomb, in their minds mom.

ALSO, IT’S FREE and that is awesome.

Not That: Grease Sing-a-Long at Cynthia Woods, $15

Oh lord. Just…just don’t do this in public. In your living room? Fine. But in public? This is not the one.


Sunday, August 16

Do This: Eric Johnson at House of Blues, $37.50

Wait — “Desert Rose” played by a guy who is a guitar Lothario, playing acoustic, lap steel, resonator and bass guitar? Yes. Yes please.

Not That: Recover on the couch.

Cause you’ll miss Eric Johnson, fools.

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  1. Suzanna

    WHOA. EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE THE OLD 97’S. ESPECIALLY A FREE SHOW. They’re total bad asses and just a fun band to see.

    • Angelica Leicht

      I saw them at the racetrack a couple of years ago. There were like eight people there, and it was AWESOME.


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